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Screwy Lewy Lures - OUR STORY

Hello, my name is Jim Lewis.  My wife Sherrie and I own Screwy Lewy Lures.  Sherrie grew up fishing with her Father and has always loved fishing.  I grew up fishing and in my younger years, I fished many bass tournaments.  During my tournament years I spent thousands of dollars on cookie cutter fishing lures.  I was often frustrated with being forced to buy lures that were manufactured in bulk.  I found that they did not hold up and would often fail, rot or rust in my tackle box.  

It was obvious that I needed extreme lures built with durable components that could take a beating from tournament angling and weekend fishing that would not rot or rust.  So, I started building my own concepts.  

It did not take long before my friends seen the lures that I made and had to have their own.  Things just took off from there!  

As I have aged, I don't really fish too many tournaments any longer.  Instead I would rather go after those slab crappies.  To me, there is nothing better than a live well full of those.

After years of fishing I have learned one thing, no lure in your tackle box can catch fish if you don't have the confidence in the lure to work it and bring it to life.  With Screwy Lewy Lures you can concentrate on working your lure and not worrying about it failing.  

You can read the headers under each lure section, which will tell you the building techniques that make Screwy Lewy Lures last.  We offer our jigs in 45 different colors and 4 different styles.  Our Spinner Baits and Buzz Baits are offered in 15 different colors.  

If you are new to this web site, please give us a try.  We think you will be happy with the results.  Our love of fishing and pride in craftsmanship make us second to none!  We look forward to serving and meeting your fishing needs.

Thanks, Jim and Sherrie

PS. I would to thank my wife and employees who have taken up the slack since I have been ill.